Millionaire Mistress 3: Chloe’s Revenge


Title: Millionaire Mistress 3; Chloe’s Revenge

Author: Tiphani

Pages: 326

Publisher: Life changing Books

Rating: 5/5
Yet another great read from Tiphani and I am not disappointed at all. I have read alot of reviews…well not so much reviews but comments about how this booked sucked and the writer doesn’t know how to write or keep a good story. I am going to say wrong, well that’s my opinion, Tiphani did a great job in keeping me focused on the story at hand and never once did I get bored. When I am reading a book I am not so anal about petty little mistakes in the writing, now if you were to read: “Taboo” by Yoshe then, you can say oh ugh horrible writing. That book was just too ghetto for me, however I have been following the Millionaire Mistress series since I first heard about it and this definitely left me gasps, anger, and sadness. Chloe was a super bitch in this book, and I wish nothing but the worst. Even after all the damage that she did to Oshyn and Brooklyn and suffered the consequences she still went ahead and created more chaos.
I was mad at Brooklyn for pushing aside the fact about the warnings Oshyn was giving him, and then when he finally realized what Oshyn was saying at his cousin’s funeral it was a bit too late because he got killed…or so we think. I had my doubts and in the end I was right Brooklyn wasn’t dead and it was too late for Oshyn because she offed herself thinking that Chloe had killed her kids. I also loved when Tommy screwed over Chloe in the end because she thought he was going to leave him he inheritance, and to top it off he faked his death. All in all I found this book very interesting and it kept my attention. Looking forward to part #4


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