Lipstick Hustla


Title: Lipstick Hustla

Author: Allison Hobbs

Pages: 352

Publisher: Strebor Books

Rating: 5/5
I am a big fan of Allison Hobbs and her work, and she hasn’t disappointed me yet…and I don’t think she ever will. This book in my opinion is simply awesome. Even though I didn’t read “Double Dippin” or “Big Juicey Lips” I could definitely envision Misty and Brick. And envision the history they had before in prior works. Allison has a way of using descriptive words to the point where you can picture the scene. She uses really graphic violence scenes that make you go DAMN! and the sex scenes are also HOT! Misty is one of those characters that you just love to hate because of all the messed up crap that she does to people. In the end she loses everything that to her she has accomplished. I seriously didn’t want to see her go because I really was hoping that this would continue into a sequel but I really don’t think it will. This book was definitely wicked and full of drama. She had me cracking up though with that ashy dude though. I will continue reading Allison’s books. Forever a loyal fan!


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