True You

True You

Title: True You

Author: Janet Jackson with David Ritz

Pages: 272

Publisher: Gallery Books/ Karen Hunter Publishing

Rating: 4/5

I Liked this book for many reasons and disliked it also. The reason I liked this book is because Janet was brave enough to really say what was going on behind the scenes when everyone thought she was happy and okay with everything. A lot of people can’t straight up say hey this is what went on. Another thing was I could relate to what she went through, as a person whose always questioning her body image because of constantly being ridiculed by family and other people, I found this book empowering. I am glad I am not the only one going through this ordeal as many people out there are going through it also. I am glad that she wrote this book and confronted her demons. Because stuff like what she went though can really damage a person for life if nothing is done about it. What I didn’t like about the book is that I felt It was rushed too quickly. It’s like it wasn’t completely put well together. I also didn’t like that she used to many other people in her book, the book should have just focused on her and her struggles alone. Also she only focused on one main song of hers, she didn’t really go to in depth about her life, or her acting career, such as films like: “Poetic Justice” (which is one of my fave movies) “Why Did I get Married 1 and 2” as well as go in depth about “For Colored Girls”. I think she had the right idea by writing this book..I just think she needs to give more details next time. Give it another try.


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