Daddy Long Stroke


Title: Daddy Long Stroke

Author: Cairo

Pages: 375

Publisher: Strebor Books

Rating: 5/5
Mr. Alexander Maples is a thuggish man who uses his good looks and sex game to manipulate woman every chance he gets. This man is of a different caliber. I’ve never seen someone who likes to have more sex then this guy.
This is my first Cairo book and he and other people were right about the fact that he’s explicit with his stories, while reading this I was like WOAH! I thought it was too much at first, but then I started getting into the story. The story was funny as much as messed up at the same time. Alex disgusted me in every way, the way he treated and manipulated women was uncalled for and I found myself hating him more and more with each page that I read. But another thing that pissed me off was how stupid the women were too. I mean sometimes he was very blunt with them about what he wanted then he would ridicule them as well and they would still come back again! I mean it was like they set themselves up for it. On top of everything he was also using these women for their money as well. Sure Mr. Maples can satisfy a woman in every need that she desires but, is he capable of satisfying her in the love department? NOT! This man has no scruples and isn’t capable of loving anyone but himself. He’s arrogant and self-indulged…definitely not my cup of tea Mr. Maples…not by a long shot.
This story is filled with out of this world sex, drama drama drama, comedy and moments where you just want to take this man and kick the shit out of him. I definitely recommend this book but that’s only if you like Raw, uncut, graphic sex and graphic language, definitely not for the faint of heart.


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