Cheaper to Keep Her


Title: Cheaper to Keep Her

Author: Unique

Pages: 232

Publisher: K.S. Publications

Lynise Carter was working at a strip club as a bartender. The name of the club was Magic City. Day in and out she had to mix drinks and listen to loser guys talk about their life as well as hit on her on a nightly basis. In the club her best friend and roommate named Diamond worked as a stripper. She was the stripper that brought in all the money. One night a smooth cat by the name of Duke Carrington was trying to talk to Lynise. But she wouldn’t have it. She was tired of all the heartbreak and wouldn’t fall for a man like Duke ever again. Of course, everyone knew about Duke. He was a big time gambler and loan shark, and when it came to women he had no problem spending big paper. That alone made him the perfect man for Lynise. Lynise gave him a chance after her friend Diamond convinced her to date him. They went out and he spent alot of money on her, was the perfect gentlemen etc etc. He finally offered for her to move in with him to one of his condos and she accepted gladly. Now Duke is the type of arrogant guy that tries his hardest to get what he wants. But then Lynise starts noticing that Duke doesn’t come home, leaves all the time and basically doesn’t spend time with her in the condo. She tries to talk to him about it but then he gets upset and asks her if what he does isn’t good enough for her. She like an idiot stays with the treatment he gives her.
Lynise has also been hearing around the grapevine that Duke is running an illegal baby snatching ring with a Doctor friend of his. Of course, Lynise looked into this and found lots of evidence which she made sure to make copies of just in case….All in all she also had to worry about Diamond her best friend too because she thought Diamond was using drugs when they made a pact to never use them. And on top of that Diamond was in an abusive relationship with a guy Diamond could not stand at all. Slowly but surely Lynise started to really see Duke’s colors and she also found out that he was getting married to some other chick in Virginia Beach. She was livid. So, she set out to destroy Duke Carrington. She called all his businesses and froze everything, cancelled everything, she basically was crumbling everything Duke was working hard for. When Duke found this out he barged into the house while Lynise was trying to make a getaway with his money and beat her up and threw her in the street like trash. Eventually Lynise was trying to get jobs everywhere round town but Duke trashed her name everywhere, saying she was a thief and could not be trusted. Lynise was surely in a mess. Lunise was also watching the news one night and saw that a 16 year old was murdered and she recognized her as one of the many girls Duke took the babies from. She of course blackmailed Duke with this and said she wanted 100,000 and she would not say nothing. Duke didn’t take very lightly to her threats and had her best friend Diamond ‘kidnapped”. Little did Lynise know that Diamond and Duke were in Cahootz for a while plotting against Lynise the whole time they were dating. Diamond and Duke were sleeping together and everything. In the end Lynise was charged with many bogus charges that she had no dealing with. How will things work out for Lynise in Cheaper to Keep Her Part 2?


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