Title: Shady

Author: Dell Banks

Pages: 240

Publisher: Heir to The Throne Publications

I won this book in a giveaway and it didn’t disappoint me at all. For it being Dell’s first novel he wrote well.
From the beginning Giselle had a tough life in the hands of her evil witch mother called Gretta. Gretta was nothing but a bitter and jealous old hag towards Giselle because Giselle was beautiful and because she had alot going for her. Something Gretta always wanted but could never get. Giselle was definitely a ghetto Cinderella. And her mother was the evil mother. Dell brought all the characters to life and added hot and spicy sex to the mix as well as lying, deceit, and of course shadiness. The best spicy sex scene was with the detective. Who doesn’t like a good sex scene right?
The book was definitely full of drama. The title lives up to the name because everything done was completely shady especially Jodi’s stank ass. OMG! can you say I wanted kill Jodi for being a heartless, self- centered, egotistical jerk? I mean he really didn’t give two flying eff’s about his kids that were about to be born or when they were born for that matter! Even after they were born he referred to them as bastards that would ruin his image. What also mad me mad about Jodi is how he threw the idea of abortion around like it was an idea to go walk in the park or something. What a trifiling dude. And please don’t start me on Sequoia.I knew that chick was shady from the beginning…yet another person jealous of Giselle’s success. I absolutely loved Shady I cannot wait for Part 2!!!
So what are you waiting for get your copy today!!




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