Title: Scandalicious

Author: Allison Hobbs

Pages: 352

Publisher: Strebor Books

Rating: 5/5

Solay is the proud owner of Scandalicious, a trendy cupcake boutique that’s raking in the dough. Practically married to her business, Solay does not have time for romance or it’s complications. What she needs is a friend with benefits. When she hires a gorgeous male escort, she believes she’s found the perfect solution. Addicted to his incredible bedroom skills, Solay soon discovers that being “whipped” is as distracting as being in love. Lincoln has been a faithful husband for seven years. His world collapses when he discovers that his trophy wife has been cheating. Though she pleads for forgiveness, he simply can’t. Will his desire for vengeance overpower his ability to forgive?
Melanee is a quiet assistant baker by day and part of a secret sex society at night.
What happens when you combine sweet treats, explosive sex, and dirty little secrets is absolutely Scandalicious!

My Thoughts:
I was very excited to start Allison’s new book Scandalicious. So I went to Target and bought it and started to read it, instantly I was sucked in by the storyline. Solay owns a cupcake shop and she eats, breathes, and sleeps Scandalicious.On the menu? Scandalous cupcakes that taste and sound sexy. Yes…I said it sexy tasting cupcakes! Her love life absolutely sucks…well that is until she hires a male escort named Dion to take care of all her needs. And I do mean these two have amazing, incredible nasty sex. (Just the way I like my books written).
Then you have Lincoln, whose having incredibly bad sex. His wife just doesn’t know her way around the bedroom? hmm…wonder why though? Lincoln finds out that she’s actually saving the good sex for her lover. Mr. Raheem the mechanic. Of course, Lincoln finds out and is ready to kill….literally!! But he hires the wrong person for the job and things take a turn for the worse.
Melanee, the strange little assistant baker whose into some major kinky acts at night after she leaves the bake shop. This chick was just plain strange in every word. I mean I can understand getting a little rough in the bedroom for a little pleasure but she takes rough to another level. I felt Colden was a total asshole who was full of himself and felt people should bow to his feet. Even though Melanee enjoyed being treated like that by Colden I really think took to a different level. Obviously Melanee was looking for love and caring in all the wrong places.
Then there’s Vidal. Boy is he a character. I didn’t consider him funny I saw him as a sarcastic ass who got away with wayyy too much mess being that that wasn’t his shop to begin with.
All in all I was not disappointed with Allison…am I ever? Nope. I am hoping that there is a Part 2 to this.


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