Daddy’s House


Title: Daddy’s House

Author: Azarel

Pages: 231

Publisher: Life Changing Books

Rating: 5/5

From the back cover:
A life filled with fast money and violence lands twenty-three year old Candice Holmes in the witness protection program designed to keep witnesses safe. When Candice finds out that no one is capable of saving her from the wrath of the ruthless family she is scheduled to testify against, she finds herself on the run.
With nowhere to hide, she ends up feeling to New York City where she is introduced to Daddy, who owns a house where little girls are doing big things. Candice soon realizes that the street life she left behind is nothing compared to what goes on at Daddy’s House. Between doing what it takes to survive and hiding her identity, Candice conquers one pitfull after another. Soon, all things come to an end when she goes too-to-toe with the vicious woman who has the ability to put her six feet under, or sell her to the highest bidder.
My thoughts:
First off I saw alot of reviews on Amazon on how the story didn’t seem real and they couldn’t follow it. How can something like that not happen in real life? There’s actually the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas that’s a legalized prostitution place just like Daddy’s House. The Girls dress up and wait for someone to pick em out the line and bam they do whatever.


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