Man Swappers


Title: Man Swappers

Author: Cairo

Pages: 592

Publisher: Strebor Books

Rating: 5/5

Meet Persia,Pasha,and Paris 3 identical triplet beauties who share everything. Their house, their traveling, their clothes, and…..their MEN!…..**screech** wait what? Yes!, they share their men. They are 3 sisters who have no shame in their sex game and they prove it every time when they share a man in their bed. 3 kinky and nasty women who have no boundaries. Well, they do have certain rules though. First, the men can’t be committed in any relationship whatsoever. Second, once you date one sister, you date them all!. But something goes wrong. Paris and Pasha start getting too comfortable with their specific man, and they are keeping it a secret from their sister Persia. But what happens when they find out it’s the same man? Lies,secrets, and raunchy raw sex are all entangled in this book.
My View:
I absolutely loved this book, Cairo never disappoints me when he writes. His books are always hot,steamy, and full of drama. I am not into the whole swapping thing but I like how the 3 sisters stood up for what they enjoyed and believed in. Especially when in came to their excuse my french…bitch of a woman. That woman so goddamned evil and really took a disliking to her almost immediately. I hated how she always put her daughters down every chance she got, especially in front of people. Knowing damn well she was no saint either when she was also letting her husband screw around and sharing him with other women. “Just for the sake of the kids” that’s the most stupidest thing I ever heard. No woman or man should put up with a cheating spouse just for the sake of the children. Anyway, another person who got on my nerves was Persia. She was so unselfish and she liked to control her sisters way too much. No wonder they were afraid to tell her about the separate men in their life that they were falling for. And the fucked up part how she played herself as Paris so she could have sex with Desmond. That was beyond low. All in all I enjoyed this book very much. Was never repetitive, had alot of drama, and steamy sex scenes. You made another bestseller Cairo! Happy customer and reader.


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