Welfare Grind


Title: Welfare Grind

Author: Kendall Banks

Pages: 238

Publisher: Life Changing Books

Rating: 5/5

I started this book and was immediately sucked in to the story at hand. I hated Keema so much. She was down right trifling. I have never seen someone go through the extremities she did just to have money. She killed and stole to get what she wanted, and to make matters worse she was selfish, especially to her kids. In my opinion she never really loved them, she only pretended to and tolerated them because they gave her what she wanted….which was her food stamps. I mean she easily dropped them off anywhere without a second thought. Everything that Keema went through was karma hitting her back for all the pain and damage she caused to all her loved ones for being selfish,greedy, and stupid. I can’t wait to the second part of this book.I want to know what happens with her and treasure. I am glad I gave this book a chance.


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