Champagne Life


Title: Champagne Life

Author: Nicole Bradshaw

Pages: 384

Publisher: Strebor Books

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely loved this book. The plot of the book definitely grabbed my attention to the end.

Naomi works at a bank where everyday she dreads going to her job and dealing with rude customers and most of all her annoying co-worker Jeremy.
Deshaun works as a server for a high end restaurant where he constantly gets hit on by drunk high society women, and also where he meets a woman named Jenn.

When both Deshaun and Naomi lose their jobs, reality sets in and their financial situation gets a little rough and do everything they can to earn a dollar. When Naomi suggests to Deshaun to court Jenn, she receives more than she bargained for and eventually Deshaun starts to fall for Jenn. As a result Naomi rushes to the arms of Jeremy….This and many more things happen in this roller coaster ride of a novel….

Read it you won’t regret it.


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