Flowers in the Attic


Title: Flowers in the Attic

Author: V.C. Andrews

Pages: 389

Publisher: Pocket Books

Rating: 5/5

I never read any of VC Andrews work but I came across the movie on lifetime and was instantly drawn in. I went to my local Barnes and Noble and bought the whole series.

I was pleasantly surprised about how much more detailed the book was.

We all know the story it’s about a mother and her four kids. The father Christopher died in a tragic accident and as a result of their debt the mother takes her four children to her wealthy parents home. A home surrounded by wealth, lies, secrets, and deceit.

The kids are taken there with many false promises made to them by their mother. They are put in a room which their evil grandmother locked them up with a key. She tells them never to make a sound and to always clean up after themselves and to never commit any acts of sin for a God is always watching them. Eventually the grandmother tells them about the attic, which the kids end up fixing up and playing in. Testing their imagination, reading, etc. what was supposed to be a few days turned into weeks then into months and eventually years that these poor kids were locked up with no medical attention, no great food, no air, no sunshine, no kids of their own age. Their mother would be gone for long periods of time and never would pay attention to her youngest two; the twins. Her two teenagers had to grow up maturely at a young age and as a result of being deprived of being around kids their own age and not being able to control their own hormones they committed incest. For all they ever known was each other and being the parents to the twins that their mother never was….this and many more happens in this novel. A money hungry mother, a evil grandmother, and 4 neglected and confused kids….
This novel made all my emotions come out. Especially with the mother and grandmother what a bunch of evil witches.


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