Prepaid Mistress 2


Title: Prepaid Mistress 2

Author: Allison Grace:

Pages: 256

Publisher: Life Changing Books

Rating: 5/5
Prepaid Mistress 2 was just as explosive, twisted, and full of surprises as the first book. In PM2 Coryn is still up to her sick ways and escorting herself while she is engaged to long time childhood friend Bumper aka Gideon. They try to make their relationship work and move on with their lives, but with Coryn’s past constantly exploding in her face, doing so is impossible. Coryn finally has an opportunity to meet the son that was taken away from her when she went to the doctor’s office, after Eleanor Reynold’s gets in touch with Coryn for an opportunity to work for her to get closer to her son, Shane.

Of course, she accepts and starts to plot on how to win her son back. But with the betrayal of a long lost relative, an employer, and her fiancee…Coryn’s life starts to take a downward spiral and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants and deserves, of course wreaking havoc and ruining people’s lives is part of the equation too.


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