Normally, This Would be Cause for Concern


Title: Normally, This Would be Cause For Concern

Author: Danielle Fishel

Pages: 210

Rating: 5/5

When I heard about this book it was basically through the Girl Meets World Facebook page. I definitely had to buy this book. Hello!! my teenage years circled around Boy Meets World and other 90’s family shows. All I can say is that I simply adored this book. Danielle is just so full of life, witty, entertaining, and she’s so down to earth and is a regular person. She isn’t one of those stuckup celebrities and she definitely didn’t forget where she came from. She’s actually happy and acknowledges that she’s Topagna. I love the little snippets she gave us when she was on set of BMW. I was reading reviews on goodreads complaining how she’s boring blah blah and how she shouldn’t be writing, well guys this is her first book. Even seasoned authors don’t have a perfect first book. I would definitely recommend this book. Brings back memories.


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