Mexican High


Title: Mexican High

Author: Liza Monroy

Pages: 352

Publisher: Spiegel & Gram

Rating: 5/5

Meet Milagro aka Mila. Mila is the daughter of an American Diplomat. She’s been moved all over the place because of her mother’s job. Finally, Mila’s mother ends up in Mexico for Mila’s Senior year of High School. And like any teenager in a different school and country she feels out of place and vulnerable. She longs to fit in with the fresas who have everything they could possibly want, with parents who don’t care what their kids do, because they also live their own little lives. There’s also the fact that Mila is desperate to find out who her father is, however, her mother doesn’t want to spill the beans because Mila’s mother made an agreement with her father. And so begins Mila’s journey in Mexico, where she starts hanging with the wrong crowd, starts taking drugs, has sex with boys,looks for her father and tries to desperately fit in with the fresas. You can’t forget about the violence overtaking Mexico, where all the politicians seem to be getting knocked down one by one by the drug cartel as well. Follow Mila on her journey in Mexico.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews on this book, a lot of them not so appeasing, but I am the type of person that doesn’t get discouraged about other’s views on a book. Usually people don’t have the same tastes so I like to make my own observations and give my own thoughts on the book. I really enjoyed this book and it was entertaining. Also a lot of people are saying that some of the stuff about Mexico isn’t true in the book. I don’t know what news other people watch but the drug cartel is big in Mexico. Yes, they do kill people for the hell of it, they do kidnap people and kill them as well. The major targets right now in Mexico is the Gruperos, which are groups of Mexican members who are singers that usually sing about drugs and other controversial subjects taking place in Mexico.


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