The Secrets of Silk


Title: The Secrets of Silk

Author: Allison Hobbs

Pages: 352

Publisher: Strebor Books

Rating: 5/5

Where can I start with this one? Allison Hobbs doesn’t disappoint me with any of her novels. When I was reading this book I simply could not put it down. I probably would’ve finished it in one day if it wasn’t for work.I really experienced a whole bunch of emotions reading this book.
Silk was a Louisiana native, light-skinned, and a full blown sex pot. Everywhere that she goes she turns heads, starts trouble, and leaves broken hearts. Big Mama, her only known Guardian, uses the powers of voodoo and her swamps to perfect her spells and uses other, she we say “natural ingredients” to perfect her spells. Silk on the other hand uses the power of her poontang to get what she wants. The novel takes place in the 1950’s and 1960′. Allison writes about shiny caddies, juke box joints with bars, colored boys and girls. I personally loved the historical context within the novel, I think she did a great job being descriptive. What’s even better is the fact that I could picture it all in my mind. Silk and Big Mama’s relationship is what really took me for a loop. the relationship they have is not quite normal. It’s dirty, perverted, and absolutely taboo (really made me sick to be honest). After having sexcapades in the swamp that eventually ended up in murder, Silk hauls ass and ends up in Chester, Pennsylvania to continue her sex-filled, money scheming, murdering rampage, as well as bamboozling people in the process. I really needed to regroup sometimes to process all the lies and trickery she used to get her ways. I’ve read some pretty sick stories of people doing awful things, but Silk tool sick to a whole new level. It’s bad enough she thought some pretty graphics and horrendous things, but to actually carry out those thoughts is beyond crazy and evil. She didn’t spare anyone’s life, not her husband, not the men she carried on with behind her husband’s back, not even the poor children. Without a shadow of a doubt Silk is one of the most unethical, deranged, evil, and unmoral human being I’ve ever encountered in a book. I highly recommend this book. I swear it will make you smack your own mama.


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