Book Police


Well it’s no surprise that everyone in their mother has an opinion nowadays. This morning I was scrolling through my fb feed and I saw a post on a reading page that I liked. Mostly it was people bashing the book fifty shades. While I know that book may not be everyones cup of tea , I simply stated that people shouldn’t judge others based on what they like to read. I mean seriously who are they hurting? Obviously these people that were jumping down my throat don’t know the concept of fiction. And it all went downhill from there. People stating that my priorities are fucked up for liking that book? Are you really truly kidding me? And then one girl said that she judges people based on what they read, which is why she said my priorities are fucked up. Hmmm..touche girl..touche. So another wrote that we are a product of what we read and starting basically going on about what we read defines us. All in all a crock of BS is all I heard. Basically I did;t say anything wrong to these females. I simply stated that everyone should stop judging other people based on their literature tastes and they took it as a personal attack.


So with that being said…how many people here care about what other people read…as far as judging is concerned?


4 thoughts on “Book Police

  1. I don’t generally care what others read, although I will admit to making passing judgements, quickly forgotten. Besides, I presume Fifty Shades isn’t the only book/series you’ve read, in which case they haven’t all the data available to make an informed judgment (hence mine being made only in passing). One swallow makes not a summer, after all.
    On the point of us being the product of our reading choices, I’d say our reading helps to shape us, but don’t make us. Otherwise I’d be some form of witch or living about two hundred years ago. Have you a billionaire boyfriend with control issues?
    Why did you like Fifty Shades, if you don’t mind my asking? I couldn’t get on with the writing style so I never got past a couple of paragraphs at most.


    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking that reading shapes us not makes us. If not I’d be in Harry Potter land or a serial killer.

      In all honestly I liked fifty shades because I never read anything about Bdsm or whatever it’s called and honestly I liked the story. I envisioned everything as I read it and I like that in a book. Yes at points I was mad and sad and all different types of emotions, but that’s what a book is supposed to do. I have an open mind about things, and I gave it a chance. Honestly the recommendation was from my fiancée’s mother.

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  2. I absolutely despised Fifty Shades but my closest friend, book fair travel partner and the other half of my blogging team absolutely loved it. I think that’s the beauty of opinion, it varies. I can’t imagine our friendship being affected because one of us liked a book and the other didn’t, and we both read hundreds of books a year.

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    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your input, but yes you are absolutely correct, the beauty of opinion is that it varies. And the main thing that pissed me off was that people were judging me and my so-called priorities because of a book they detest,but I guess that small-minded people for you. I have never and never will do that to no-one.

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