A Work in Progress


Title: A Work in Progress

Author: Connor Franta

Publisher: Atria Paperback


Rating: 5/5

To be honest I didn’t know who Connor was when I picked up this book, but I was familiar with it because I saw a lot of people posting it on Instagram, so naturally I was curious and purchased it. I actually purchased it a few years ago and I just got to reading it. I must say that I am completely in love with this book. He’s such a down to earth person, and while I read a few negative comments on this book, I didn’t let it deter me away from what I feel about it. Even though Connor is young he’s seems to be wise for his age. He gives great advice and I love that he’s so creative. The artwork throughout the book is simply spectacular, you can tell that a lot of work was put into the creativity of the book. It’s pretty cool to see things you have in common with authors, just proves they’re human too. I still am not completely familiar with Connor or his work as much but I will be checking out his youtube and other social media.
I do have to say that I will be reading this book again so I can highlight some quotes and other interesting things that I noticed as I was reading the book because they actually inspire you and make you think.


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